Jupiter Molex to Power Poles conversion

Having successfully converted the Molex connector on my Orion to PP, I
decided to proceed and convert my Jupiter as well. In the Jupiter
the power supply board is given slack to get access to the Molex
pins. This involves removal of four screws and some edge connectors.

Parts needed: PP, half of retaining plate and 1/16 (1.57mm) brass tube.

     Thanks to Rick VE7TK for saying that it's O.D.
     NOTE: Powerwerx.com has the Printed Circuit Board
           connector instead of having to roll your own.
           SKU 1377G3

Close up of parts.

Loosening the board and giving some slack

Plenty of room when the edge connectors are removed.

Here are the Molex pins and two additional

       components that attaches to them.

Unsoldered and cleaned, ready for the PP

The PP inserted and waiting for soldering

Everything soldered back as before

Finished look with half of a retainer plate.

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